The Bausch + Lomb Difference

Our Success lies in the hands of our surgeon partners

We do not simply make ophthalmic products. We create forward-thinking solutions for forward-thinking surgeons. We search not only to improve the instruments our surgeon partners use in surgery, but also for new innovations to overcome the unique challenges of modern surgery. We do this because the success of our surgeon partners is also our success. If they do not succeed, then we have failed. That is what motivates us to strive for continuous innovation that is as of yet unseen in ophthalmic surgery.

Our Brands

We have comprehensive solutions for the entire eye and every ophthalmic procedure. While some people say they have better products, we prefer to simply let our products speak for themselves. Take some time to view our comprehensive ophthalmic portfolio below and reach out to your rep for a test drive. We are confident that you will be glad you did.

Crystalens AO

Crystalens AO

Cataract patients appreciate the active range of clear vision with the only FDA-approved accommodating IOL available in the United States. The Crystalens AO provides excellent distance and intermediate acuity as well as exceptional contrast sensitivity by focusing all of the light all of the time with minimal issues with halos or glares.

enVista IOL

enVista IOL

The enVista® IOL is Bausch + Lomb’s next-generation hydrophobic acrylic IOL with StableFlex™ technology which provides improved material properties to enhance optic recovery. Its AccuSet™ haptics provide extensive interaction with the capsular bag to aid in securing the lens position through their offset design and broad contact angle. enVista’s TruSight™ optic remains the only single-piece hydrophobic acrylic IOL domestically available that has been proven to be glistening-free with the potential benefit of increased resistance to scratches and abrasions that may occur during loading and surgical manipulation.

stellaris elite
Stellaris Elite

Stellaris Elite

By automatically reacting to crucial procedural factors as they change, the Stellaris Elite empowers surgeons with exacting control over every moment of surgery. With Adaptive Fluidics providing precision aspiration control and working synergistically with Attune energy management, the Stellaris Elite has the built-in capability to optimize value for multi-use environments both now and in the future.

With its dual-platform functionality, integrating cataract and retina capabilities into a single platform, vitreoretinal surgeons can utilize high-speed vitrectomy cutters, as well as the Bi-Blade and Vitesse, for their vitrectomy procedures. Additionally, these can be aided by the outstanding visualization with light and fiber optic technologies that are compatible with the Stellaris Elite. With all of these options, the Stellaris Elite can be relied upon for entire eye solutions.



These custom-designed instruments truly enable signature performance, empowering each surgeon with their own unique design. This helps achieve their best possible outcomes using their preferred techniques. The bespoke instruments crafted by Storz Ophthalmics exhibit a meticulous dedication to precision down to the smallest nuance.

Synergetics Devices


This comprehensive portfolio of retina handhelds inspires confidence in any situation by providing innovative solutions to a broad range of surgical challenges. Our surgeon partners utilize instrumentation and disposable accessories that can address nearly any situation. In the spirit of continuous innovation, Synergetics works directly with surgeon partners to develop new products for their ever-growing portfolio in order to address the evolving needs of modern surgery.

Truline Toric

Trulign Toric

While minimizing issues with halos and glares, the Trulign delivers true performance at distances for cataract patients with astigmatism with excellent acuity at a distance or intermediately. It also provides outstanding rotational stability, effective cylinder correction, and precise refractive predictability.

VICTUS Femtosecond Platform

VICTUS Femtosecond Platform

This extraordinary comprehensive and versatile femtosecond workstation features exclusive live swept-source OCT with auto recognition, dual functionality for cataracts and cornea, and VICTUS VERAFIT curved patient interface and suction clip

The Proof is in the Wet Labs

We have created an immersive wet lab experience where you can test drive Bausch + Lomb's comprehensive full-eye solutions. Experience is believing, so come draw your own conclusions. We will have our extensive line of products available for you to try in a realistic setting at these 2018 events. No matter what your specialty is, we have something for you to test drive.

ASCRS•ASOA Annual Meeting | April 13–17 | Washington, DC

ASRS Annual Meeting | Jul 20-24 | Vancouver, British Columbia

AAO 2018 | Oct. 27–30 | Chicago, IL

still not a believer? Ask your colleagues

Dr. Richard Lindstrom

I’ve been working in the field for a long time and actually do have access to all three of the major platforms that are currently available for phacoemulsification. My preference is the Stellaris Elite.

Dr. Zaina Al-Mohtaseb

I’ve had a great experience using the Stellaris Elite. Because of my referral base, one-third of my cataracts are very complicated, and having a stable chamber during these cases makes using the Stellaris Elite very comfortable.

Dr. Mitchell Shultz

I really do think that Stellaris Elite has made a difference for me performing cataract surgery. I can perform outstanding cataract surgery for my patients.

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